Inspired by the very famous ballet "SWAN LAKE" by Čajkovskij, Palmiero interprets the character of the beautiful princess transformed into a swan by the spell of an evil sorcerer and much loved by Prince Siegfried. With this jewel Carlo Palmiero symbolically expresses the power of love. The beauty and the strength of the feeling that animates Odette, in the wait to become again the beautiful girl that she was, are evinced by the sensual movements of the design Unique piece, originated from a careful handwork. It is a brooch with a delicate design, conceived to be a jewel to wear and collect. A wax block is entirely hand-modelled, then decomposed into several parts: from the wings expertly perforated to express lightness, to the long and sinuous neck, to the head as realistic as possible and then assembled and set from the hands of expert artisans. A profound message of love and virtuosity for this masterpiece, on which designers and artisans have worked continuously for several months. Fully made of gold and covered by almost 29 carats of very precious white and black diamonds and yellow sapphires, that complete the magic of this beautiful jewel symbol of harmony, purity and innate elegance. A PALMIERO jewel.