09 July 2015
Contemporary art jewelry: A solid investment

The very recent Chinese stock market crash has moved the entire world’s focus from Greece to China. It affects large investors but also private consumers and constitutes the apogee of these chaotic times. Will investors move again to jewelry, gold, diamonds and gemstones?
Indeed, long before stock investing, fine jewelry has provided investors with solid-gold long-term returns as it is constantly and permanently reevaluated, independent from economic and political events, recognised all over the world.
As jewellery designers, we strongly believe art jewelry pieces are timeless objects, wearable artworks to admire and exhibit. Besides the actual important solid investment in gold, diamonds and gemstones, they have a  cultural-symbolic-aesthetical value, which has to be taken into high consideration as it increases over time.
Investing in art jewelry is investing in beauty. It not only represents a wiser financial measure but also a great contribution to spread high aesthetical values.