01 September 2012
Carlo Palmiero presents HAIKU

Carlo Palmiero presents HAIKU, a new collection dedicated to Nature’s poetry. The HAIKU, a poem born in Japan consisting of three lines characterized by five, seven and again five syllables, gives the name to this PALMIERO collection dedicated to the 4 Seasons, rich of suggestive power and able to move emotions like small photographs of landscapes or memories of the past.

The haiku is a simple poem, without any title, which eliminates frills and lexical conjunctions and draws its strength from nature and seasons. Because of the extreme brevity of the composition, it requires a great synthesis of thought and images. Fast and intense scenes are the subject of the haiku. They generally portray nature and emotions that livein the poet's soul. The lack of definite connections between the verses gives way to a space full of suggestions that seems like a draft to be completed by the reader.
These poems give us the opportunity to describe emotions and thoughts by transforming them in small paintings made on jewels … a tale in 9 square centimetres. The feeling of different seasons arises thanks to the choice of various colours of precious stones wisely organized in shape and shade to give life to creations very similar to real paintings.
After several months of designing and manufacture, we have finally given life to the new and long-awaited jewellery watches collection that now completes the collection entitled to the Four Seasons.